Benedictus is a contemplative church seeking an authentic, open-hearted and thoughtful encounter with God. Silent meditation, reflection on Scripture, and celebration are features of our shared life and worship. In the spacious hospitality of prayer and community, we learn to attend more deeply to ourselves and each other, and to the movement and calling of the Spirit in our time.


Benedictus means blessed. To be blessed and a blessing is to join in God’s reconciling love for the world. We welcome all people who are seeking to deepen their spiritual journey.





6.00 – 7.00pm Saturdays
89 Dexter St, Cook, ACT Australia
(in the Holy Covenant church)

‘Benedictus strikes me as a fresh, refreshing and contemporary manifestation of Christian faith and community for our time. Benedictus brings the depth dimension of contemplative spirituality into the experience of both worship and fellowship ... It is not only the church that benefits from this. The social institutions with which the church works in the world are also challenged to live at a level beyond outward appearance and to make compassion and wisdom integral to their vision and way of life’.


Laurence Freeman OSB, Director,
World Community for Christian Meditation



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Feast of the Birth of John the Baptist (John 1: 19-30)




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Our next gathering is on Sunday 23 July, 13 August and 10 September


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Poetica Divina


Over four Saturdays in July, we'll reflect on four poems to redeem a prose world in our mid-winter series. Please join us for this season of holy listening and poetry


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Dark Night of the Season


Our mid-winter service and feast this year is on Saturday 15 July. All are welcome to come celebrate with us and share supper afterwards.